About NthBuilder

NthBuilder is a Mac utility app that gives the user full access to all of NthLib’s setup and build capabilities.  It is free to download and install.

After installation you will need an NthBuilder Access Key to get started.  LucoTrav will send you a no-obligation key to use for testing and evaluation. If you decide then to distribute NthLib apps beyond evaluation, you will need to enter into either a Distribution or Subscription license agreement with LucoTrav.

Users already experienced using the Apple Developer Portal and Xcode will be able to use NthBuilder end-to-end with little or no help.  Most of the setup steps only need to be performed once for any given app.  Contact LucoTrav for help if the step-by-step onscreen instructions, and the details outlined in the NthBuilder Help Menu are insufficient.

For new Xcode users, the NthBuilder Help Menu has a list of setup actions you will need to take before building your first app.


NthBuilder Version 1.5.3 (Build 000.000.019)

Release Date: Jun 16, 2020

Required Minimum Xcode:  Version 11.4.1 (11E503a)

Required Minimum macOS Catalina:  Version 10.15.4

Download NthBuilder Version 1.5.3

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