Custom Mobile

App Development

For iPad and iPhone

by LucoTrav


For the online content provider NthLib is a tool that …

Provides an affordable service which allows anyone - techies and non-techies alike - to layout their server-based content in a native iOS app.  Apps built with NthLib will install and run on iPhone and iPad devices.  These apps employ standard user features that the end user will find simple to learn and use.

Requires no programming skills for configuration.  It only requires that the content provider be able to use iPad touch controls and keyboard - all app configuration editing is performed on an iPad.

Allows rapid initial app deployment - hours or less rather than the weeks or months often encountered with app-builders or website wrapper services.

Apps built with NthLib display and promote the content provider’s brand visually through the app icon, the app name, and through the various underlying app configurations that the end user installs on the app.

May be used to simply and quickly reconfigure the app user interface.  Then an edited configuration file is uploaded and will be automatically downloaded and displayed the next time the end-user activates the app.

Allows multiple app configurations to be installed on the end-user’s device.  App configurations are not limited to those originally bundled with the installation of the app.  Additional configurations can be made available to the end-user either from a server or in the form of an email attachment.

Automatically lets the end-user tap a browser link to a new configuration or tap and hold a configuration file attached to an email.  The device’s operating system detects that the tapped file belongs to the already installed app and automatically imports the configuration and makes it the current one.

Allows the end-user to quickly switch between different app configurations by tap selecting them in an easily accessible list.  When that user selects and displays a configuration, the app will check the server location of that configuration and determine if a newer version of the configuration is available.  If one is found, the app will download the update in the background and seamlessly make that the current configuration.

Lets you as the configuration creator and content owner make different configurations available to various sub-groups of your content consumers.  Unlike static websites or typical app deployments, this presents you the opportunity of customizing your content either narrowly or broadly depending on the particular audience you’re reaching out to.  App configurations that have been distributed to your content viewers remain under your control in that the ability to edit them remains under your control.  No configuration editing tools are ever available to end users unless you as the configuration originator provide edit access to the user.

Is Secure - Apps built with NthLib require secure HTTPS transport.  Non-secure requests are detected and ignored.  All downloaded content that needs to be stored on the end-user’s device will be stored in a protected state any time the app is inactive.  If you as the content provider need more fine-tuned control over end-user access to your content, the app automatically supports user/password authentication.  This feature is implemented using authentication protocols built into the device.  When the end user enters credentials, they are safely stored in the app’s Keychain and are never available to anyone other than the end user.

Is ideally suited as a sales tool, product exhibit, newsletter, or reporting tool that can be customized for individual users or to subsets of users. 

Is more than a general purpose web browser but rather is intended to provide the end-user a native, custom app experience.

Is not intended as a website wrapper although content from the content provider’s website may be linked to an app configuration.  Displayed content is not limited to a specific website’s content in any way but is only dependent on the content provider’s legal right to display the content.