Custom Mobile

App Development

For iPad and iPhone

by LucoTrav


For web developers who work on behalf of content providers …

NthLib provides endless opportunities to present client content in novel and attractive ways.

NthLib At A Glance ...

• Is A Service That Provides A Native iOS User Experience

• Deploys Apps That Are Instantly And Easily Reconfigurable By The Content Provider

• Rapid Initial App Deployment - Hours, Not Days Or Weeks

• Affordable, Simple Distribution In-House To Employees Or The App Store

App deployment using NthLib would be an ideal opportunity for the web developer who has content creation ability in-house but has no need to establish a full iOS mobile development capability.

Who should take a look at NthLib?  Online content owners and providers who ...

• Are looking for affordable custom mobile app development and deployment.

• Need better and more flexible app configurability than is usually found in common App Store and In-House app deployments.

• Require a more native user experience than web content wrapper apps.

NthLib is designed and implemented in a way that lends itself to handling partial app deployment from within an existing web development operation.  The technical barriers are low and in-house deployment would provide channels of additional revenue related to content creation and distribution.  More details are available on request.

Apps built on the NthLib platform are native iOS apps.  They are not hybrid web apps viewed through a native window.  However, a creator of an NthLib configuration may choose to integrate HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, or other web based content into the configuration.  The user experience is native iOS with the end user unaware of the source of the content.

The NthLib platform is built around native structures such as view controllers, web views, table views, image views.  Mobile users already understand the use and manipulation of these components so the app has no learning curve and is ready to use after installation.

NthLib is uniquely suited to web development organizations that ...

• Have clients who need affordable native iOS app deployment either In-House or on the App Store.

• Don’t already have native mobile app development capability on staff or …

• Want mobile app deployment capability that is simpler than development of custom one-off apps.

• Have clients who prefer to display their online content in a native app format rather than through a browser.

• Have clients who will benefit from owning an app that can be rapidly reconfigured on-the-fly, tailored, and then deployed to specific end users.  These individualized app configurations can be distributed to multiple users in any combination at any time and can be automatically updated on the user’s iPhone or iPad with new or updated content.

• Have clients who either need or would appreciate the ease of one-tap configuration installation.

Would like to expand their client-base and all of their content development by leveraging the mobile capabilities that NthLib offers.

Follow this link Online Content Providers to see a more detailed description of NthLib capabilities.

Or follow this link to download the free NthApp from the App Store

Or follow this link to Contact NthLib with questions or to request more information.  Your message will receive a prompt response.