Custom Mobile

App Development

For iPad and iPhone

by LucoTrav


• Represents a unique opportunity for businesses who manage and serve online content.

• Offers a toolset that is easy to use and affordably allows anyone to build and deploy native iOS apps.

• Vastly improves development time, yet yields nearly all of the capabilities of a custom native app.

• Is licensed to your business for app distribution on a subscription basis for you to establish your own market and brand.

• These subscriptions feature on-going “try before you buy”

• Provides an economically attractive solution for your business needs, and is more feature-rich than other tools available in the app development space.

NthLib …

Because NthLib is iOS-only, it will be best suited to enterprise organizations who have standardized their mobile computing on the iOS platform. These organizations need to deliver business specific communication with the ease, speed, and security of contact that native mobile software can provide to their employees.  This need exists whether end-users are in-house, in a home office, or in the field…

…NthLib apps are also ideally suited to App Store deployment for subscribers who need to extend their reach beyond their employees to clients or customers.

As an NthLib Distributor you will pay a wholesale rate based on the number of apps installed and end-users, and in turn are free to establish your own brand and set your own subscription rates.

Training to use the NthLib toolset takes only a short time and anyone can master the steps.  No programming skills are required.  All NthLib toolset users need is access to server-based HTTPS content, a Mac, and an iPad.

Potential NthLib Market Segments

• Established Web Content Management Services

• Web Hosting Services

• Small-to-Large Enterprise IT professionals

Key Benefits to Choosing NthLib

• NthLib apps are native iOS apps.  Each one is unique and looks different from every other one.  No templates are used when building the app.

• NthLib apps are infinitely reconfigurable in real-time; this means that, unlike template-driven apps, a single NthLib app can be configured and tailored to any number of individuals and groups, all without the need to recompile and redeploy the app.

• With NthLib, any number of realtime app configurations can be quickly distributed to individual users or groups.  End users can have any number of app configurations simultaneously installed on their devices.  A user switches between configurations with two taps.

• Distributors and their Subscribers accomplish creation of NthLib apps without the need or expense of hiring and staffing in-house software developers or contracting expensive custom mobile developers.

Why Native Mobile?

Native, mobile apps are in high demand by businesses for use by their employees, clients, and customers.  End users prefer the native appearance and workflow over that of a web browser.  Moreover, iOS offers an excellent user experience resulting in businesses standardizing on iOS devices for their employees and marketing campaigns.





Cost-effective for Distributors to use with their Subscribers

No programming skills needed | Not a template-based app builder

Build & deploy apps in minutes | Reconfigure just as quickly

Cloud-based & real time | Does not require app redeployment

How It Works